Add some character to your kitchen!


This handcrafted noodle board (stove top cover) features three shades of stain and a beautiful French motif! Versatile enough to compliment any decor. 




• Measurements? 28" x 19 5/8" x 1 3/4" 

• Wood type? Pine (soft wood)

• Food Safe? Yes, after full cure time

• Cutting Surface? No

• Fireproof? No

Sealant? Polyurethane on top, Oil Wood Finish on bottom

Any paint used? No, all stain


Use proper care:


• Clean with mild soap with non-abrasive.

• Avoid direct contact with heat. It is wood and therefore will warp and ruin the finish.

• Allow stove top to cool completely before placing your noodle board back on it.

• Use coasters and/or protective covers when setting anything wet or warm on it (which we don't recommend).

• Cure time is 30 days from production date. Be gentle until then! Full cure date: Feb 3rd, 2020




All sales are final.

Please check your measurements before purchase and follow all care instructions. Please note, this piece is made from solid wood and therefore, may have natural characteristics such as knots and irregular grain.




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La Beauté Noodle Board

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