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Before and After: A glimpse into the Lotus Theory Designs Process

Meet Sophia.

Sophia is a client couture piece brought to me for specific customization. My client wanted me to match it to two pieces I had done for her quite some time ago.


Overall, Sophia was in amazing shape. In need of minor repair to get the top drawer to close, and one heck of a sand job later (the surface was moderately glossy), and she was ready to put on her outfit. Usually I would have to more prep to fix damage and dings, but her previous owner loved her enough to treat her well. It was my duty to do the same.

For those of you who have wondered about my process, here are the highlights!

A lot more goes into a piece than slapping some paint on it and calling it good. Going through all the necessary steps ensure this piece will last her owner for years to come. As I review my list of applications, words sum up the process too quickly. The reality is, yes, it takes longer. For me, HOURS longer. My hands may be a bit tired from hand sanding those details. There were lots of materials used. But the end result? Worth it all. Evenly distributed paint and a smooth-as-glass-top is what the Lotus Theory brand is all about. I want to send my clients off with something I am proud of, and I'm proud of Miss Sophia here.

Here's a couple more shots. Enjoy!


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