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Lotus Top 10 of 2017

I've done a plethora of pieces this year. Narrowing them down to ten is difficult. But, in order to bring in the new year, it must be done.

Behold! My top ten favorites of this past year!

10. Victoria.

Goodness, this piece is just so beautiful. I love everything about her, from her curves to her color. She belongs to a client, and I was truly blessed to be the one to make her over.

9. Akasha.

That blue tho'! Need I say more?

8. Jazmine.

This was a custom job for a client of mine. She has the most eclectic taste!

7. Odette.

When your client and you share the same favorite color... This beauty is simply stunning!

6. Calliope.

Another client creation, this piece brought the mid-century flare out of me. My client shows up with the piece and paint swatches. The challenge of trying to figure out what to do with these colors was laborious, but once I got my vision, it was on. (*queues Eye of the Tiger).

5. Cordelia

I'm not sure what got into me this day. I just remember being bored with my technique and wanting to try something new. A blend of complimentary colors, a bit of imagination, and the courage to experiment and... We have the birth of Miss Cordelia.

4. Harley.

Yes!! I still dream about this piece. Once day I will have to recreate something similar for my home. <3

3. Jocelyn.

Because somedays I feel more tranquil than others. This piece sat for a while. She was quiet and not forthcoming of what she wanted to be dressed in. Once she filled me in on her outfit choice, the final result was stunning!

2. Minerva.

Unlike #3, I was feeling like a rockstar this day. Apparently I was channeling a vampire or a pirate. Either way, this piece is so gothically beautiful I want to shed a few non-emo tears!

1. Fiona.

This green just makes me happy. Good gracious, this piece is STUNNING in person. To me, this bold color choice epitomizes risk-taking and how the end result can be so rewarding. Do your thang, Miss Fiona!


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