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5 Techniques to Uniquely Update Your Furniture!

In this blog I would like to take you through five of my favorite techniques I use to refinish furniture. Getting that unique look doesn't have to be hard, expensive or time consuming! With a few tips and materials you can achieve a beautiful finish that stands out from the crowd.

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1. Raised Stencil

Creating a raised stencil effect on your furniture and home decor projects is super easy and fun. I created this look using Dixie Belle's Dixie Mud and a stencil of my choosing, in this case "Aged Wallpaper" by WoodUBend.

Click here to learn more about how to create a raised stencil effect.

2. WoodUBend Mouldings

If there's negative space on a piece, chances are I am filling it with a WoodUBend Moulding or nine. WoodUBend are heat activated, bendable appliques that conform to the shape of your furniture and home decor projects. All you need is a heat source and wood glue!

Click here to learn more about how to use WoodUBend Mouldings.

3. Decopauge!

Do you have some decorative tissue paper laying around? And old poster? Maybe some pretty fabric scraps? Decopauge is a great way to enhance your projects and add elements that differ from the status quo. In this example, I used a new decopauge paper line by Mint by Michelle called "Moody Florals".

There are many mediums you can use to adhere paper to your piece. One of the easiest is using Dixie Belle's Clear Coat.

Click here to learn more about how to do this.

4. Texture with Sea Spray

Dixie Belle offers a wonderful texture additive called Sea Spray. Add a little or a lot to your paint to create a textured effect! Use it under or over your paint. I have even used it to create raised stencil!

Click here to learn more about how to use Sea Spray to add texture!

5. Old World Finish

Last, but certainly not least or limited to, we have the old world finish technique. This look can be achieved using your favorite Dixie Belle colors and a brush or sponge. The amount of texture you get is going to depend on your application tool of choice. Whether you use a brush or a sponge, all that is needed is paint and mean stippling arm (you will get workout).

Click here to learn more about how to create an old world finish.

And that's it! Five simple techniques that you can use to create unique works of art on your furniture and home decor projects!

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