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Giving a Gorgeous Buffet New Life!

Every now and then a special piece of furniture finds its way to my studio. Before I get into the transformation, indulge me by bearing with my story!

I have been looking for the perfect piece to replace my current TV stand for some time. I wanted something that spoke to my love for elegant and fancy, which is ironic because me as a person is quite the Plain Jane. Nobody's perfect!

When I saw this gorgeous lady, I KNEW she was the one. I quickly made my purchase and booked my shipper, as I am in Arizona and it was in Indiana. I couldn't wait for her to arrive!

And then something happened. Days before she was scheduled to arrive, I found her long lost sister locally. I couldn't believe it! What's more is the sister piece is chunkier, which I happen to like even more. More storage to house my collection of vintage video games! ๐Ÿค“

Here is Sister Thickums accompanied by my goof ball, photobombing hubs!

So now, I have two of the same buffet and the decision was made to keep one over the other. This means the other can be jazzed up and put on the market! Thus, the story of transformation begins...

Gorgeous bones, right? Pictures rarely showcase all that is involved with the preparation process of furniture art. For this I decided to take a brief video showing you the intake portion of the process and assessing the damages so I can formulate a plan of action. Take a look!


โ€ข Alumilite Casting Resin

โ€ข IOD Mould Classic Elements

โ€ข Royal Damask Stencil

โ€ข Dixie Mud in Black

โ€ข Coffee Bean

โ€ข Amethyst

โ€ข Palmetto

โ€ข Sea Glass

โ€ข Posh Pigment Lemon Gold

Thank you for your support!

๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿฝโ€๐ŸŽจ This blog contains affiliate links. This means I get a monetary kickback when you purchase goods using my links. Simply put: I get paid while still providing free technique and product knowledge! Products are delivered right to your door for the same price! Everyone wins! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ

Once my repairs, cleaning and sanding steps were complete, I could move on to the fun pre-paint parts.

Step 1: Adding Mouldings

Using Amazing Casting Resin, I created Mouldings using IOD's Classic Elements Mould. Casting Resin is my preferred way of making mouldings because it cures rock hard, doesn't shrink or crack, and (when first cast) is flexible enough to contour to your surfaces! CLICK HERE to order yours!

Step 2: Raised Stencil

For the doors, I used a new stencil by Dixie Belle Paint Company called Royal Damask. I created a raised, broken pattern using Dixie Belle's Mud in Black.

New stencils by Dixie Belle will be available in the fall! ๐Ÿ‘€

Want to see how I create raised stencil texture? CLICK HERE to view my blog on it!

Prep work done. Pre-paint creative embellishments added. Now the real fun could begin!

Using Coffee Bean, I applied a base coat on the buffet. What a difference covering up the embellishments makes!

I always like to add a light or dark base coat when I am going to do some blending. This step makes the process easier, as I don't have to blend several coats; one will suffice. Using a dark base coat allowed me to keep some on the dark in the details of the filigree and trim!

After my base coat was laid, I began my creative blending process. I used Dixie Belle's Amethyst (purple), Palmetto (green), and Sea Glass (light blue) to create a grunge finish. To take it a step further, water was used to create the drips.

Though I do not have a video on this step, I used the same paint blending technique as I did in this video for a different project!

Video not working? CLICK HERE to watch this video on my YouTube channel!

For my last creative step, I added Posh Pigments Lemon Gold to the details to really bring together my vision. The results are stunning!

With the buffet complete, I find myself wishing I had done this finish to Sister Thickums because it's absolutely GORGEOUS and I want to keep it! I see this piece resembling many themes: a galaxy, an Arabian palace, mermaid vibes and more. Lovely!

I asked my followers on Facebook if it's OK to copy myself and recreate this finish on another piece. Permission obtained. Look to see this finish again in the future!

Thank you viewing this blog! If you learned from this post and would like to support Lotus Theory Designs, click here to order your Dixie Belle paints, WoodUBend, and more using my affiliate link. You won't pay more, products will be delivered to your door, and I get to continue bringing you free tutorials (and these blogs without those annoying ads).

Thank you for your continued support! Until next time!


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