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Breast Cancer Awareness: A Start to Finish Guide Creating this Nightstand

Breast Cancer is a real struggle and affects many women in our lives. According to, "About 1 in 8 U.S. women (about 12%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime." That means our mothers, our daughters, sisters, friends, and ourselves are all in this fight together. It is a life changing ailment that takes all of us to battle.

When re•design with Prima rolled out their Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Prima sent their Design Team Members and Retailers this transfer without cost to raise awareness to the cause and generate proceeds to donate as we all see fit. For myself, I am choosing to donate my proceeds to a local family in need rather than a large charity. I feel this is the best way for my modest contribution to make a big impact.

The "Yay, it's coming along" Selfie! 🤣

For this blog, I would like to take you through how I created this very special piece in honor of the many brave warrior women battling this deadly disease. Let's get started!

To start, I found myself the perfect raw piece to use this gorgeous transfer on.

Here is my material list:

Dixie Belle

re•design with Prima

Other Goodies

Step 1: Prep

First, I cleaned the piece using a spray bottle filled with White Lightening. Oh my goodness, it was disgusting!

Basically I sprayed it down real good, let it sit for a few minutes so the cleaner could penetrate the grime, then wiped it off.

You can literally see the nasty dripping down!


Pretty gross, right?

Next, I used 220 grit sandpaper to smooth out the surface of the piece since there were lots of dings. This step also gives your surface teeth for your paint to stick to!

Sanding with 220 grit smooths surfaces and gives your piece "teeth".

The goal here is not to sand down to bare wood but to scuff up the surface. Be sure to sand along the wood grain rather than against, lest you end up with undesirable scratches.

Next, I applied two coats of Dixie Belle's Boss in Clear to the piece. You may only need one coat, but since I sand, I tend to do two as the first always seems to absorb into the wood.

What is Boss? Available in White and Clear, Boss is a fantastic solution to bleed through (wood tannins) and funky odors! I have an Oval Medium Brush by Dixie Belle set aside for applying it, although I sometimes will use the same brush for my paint as well. It dries quick and is miraculously self-leveling!

I should note I also patched the holes and veneer chips. Sorry, I spaced getting footage of this step, which was completed prior to using Boss. You can patch these cosmetic blemishes easily using Dixie Belle's Mud!

Here is a shot of what this piece looked like after all prep was complete. This is my favorite part of the process - when it's ready for its new outfit!

Step 2: Paint

Let the games begin! I opted for a blend of Dixie Belle's Apricot and Tea Rose on the body and Drop Cloth on the top and skirt. I started with the outside and worked my way in, creating color blocks to lay the foundation of how I wanted my pinks to blend.

Next, I blended! Watch the following video to see how I did this technique!

Step 3: Adding the Transfers

I ended up doing a few different transfers for this piece, but the following will show you the basics of how I applied the Breast Cancer Awareness transfer. If you haven't picked up a Transfer Tool yet, I highly recommend it! It works 1,000x better than the stick that comes in the packaging!

Here's a quick one-minute video of me adding this transfer accompanied by an 80's jingle. Did I mention I love music?

I ended up cutting the transfer into pieces so I could customize its layout and tailor it to my piece. The transfer itself comes in three sheets.

From here I proceeded to add re•design with Prima's Rose and Rogue transfer. This helped me to fill in some of the negative space on my piece. Go big or go home, right?

It is at this point I started to see my vision come to life!

Next, I added re•design with Prima's Gilded Inlay Scrolls Foil Transfer to the lip of the top because... It just needed something there. I used the same rub-and-pull process to apply this transfer as I did in the video.

Last but not least...

I added some additional details that helped pulled this piece together. Using the sandpaper distress technique, I distressed the edges a bit. I used 220 grit sandpaper.

Next, using my Adhesive Size and Rose Gold (Copper) Leafing Sheets, I brushed on the glue and allowed it to dry for about a half hour. Allowing it to dry is a critical step as this is what allows the leafing to adhere to the glue. I was random in my glue placement as you can see in the imagery.

This next step can be so gratifying and, well... MESSY! Using a foam brush I gently brushed away the loose foil. There will be a lot of excess on the floor when you do this. I will sometimes use the debris to patch missed sections in the leafing.

After this step was complete I sealed my piece using Dixie Belle's Satin Clear Coat. My apologies for not having this footage. I took it outside at 6am and used my sprayer to apply four coats. There's nothing cute or fun about me at 6am. 🤣

After the piece was sealed and dry, I ran small amounts of re•design with Prima's Decor Wax in Eternal over random edges and details. Nothing glamorous about my technique here - I used my finger!

Then I applied the new hardware. I bought these about a year ago from Hobby Lobby with intentions of using them elsewhere. Well, that never happened and, goodness, am I glad! They were just perfect for this sweet piece!

I had just one more trick up my sleeve. In addition to replacing the back panel, adding a magnet to the door, and everything we've been talking about in this blog, I wanted the inside to be freshly conditioned. Grabbing my Big Mama's Butta off the shelf (a fantastic Dixie Belle product), I buffed it into the inside cabinet. The wood grain just popped through and the small scratches disappeared before my very eyes!

Although I don't have a video of me working on this piece using Big Mama's Butta, here is a quick demo I created using another piece. The process was the same.

All done! As time consuming as this piece was, I am so happy with the finished results.

UPDATE! September 15th, 2019:

This is Samantha.

As some of you know, re•design with prima®️ launched their #wecareredesign campaign to contribute to the fight against breast cancer. As a Design Team member, I received one of their special, limited edition transfers. The deal was we were to donate the piece or the proceeds. I opted to donate the directly proceeds to a family in need.

And so, sitting in church today with the sale proceeds burning a hole in my pocket, a family came in to church. The woman, Samantha, is currently in an ongoing battle with cancer. Feeling a pull, I leave church in the middle of service to head to the store and buy a gift card to a local grocery store and load it with the proceeds.

Upon my return, the ladies were in a group sharing stories, and she was one. I won't share what Samantha said, but I will say the timing of this donation was divine intervention and God's will was done in this moment. I couldn't have planned it better myself.

Thank you, Prima for hosting this amazing charity! Because of your efforts, Samantha's struggle just became a tad less heavy in this moment. ❤

I said in the beginning of this blog I wanted to donate the sale proceeds from this piece to a local family in need. If you are interested in buying this piece, click here for more information!

Thank you for accompanying me through this blog. If you learned from this blog and would like to support Lotus Theory Designs, click here to order your Dixie Belle paints using my affiliate link. You won't pay more, products will be delivered to your door, and I get to continue bringing you free tutorials (and these blogs without those annoying ads).

Thank you for your continued support! Until next time!


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