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Get The Look of this Jacobean Court Cabinet!

In just a few hours I will be jumping on a plane to visit my Grandmother in Buffalo, NY. I just couldn't leave without dropping a sweet love note to the world with this GORGEOUS Jacobean Court Cabinet! This piece is one of those finds that make a furniture artist's heart go pitter-pat!

Creating this piece was amazingly easy! After proper cleaning, sanding, and priming with Dixie Belle's Boss (LOVE that stuff!), I broke out DB's Caviar and gave her two coats on the base. Just the black alone was stunning, but true to form, I couldn't stop there.

I have been itching to use the new Metallic line from Dixie Belle. Pulling both Steel Magnolia and Gold Digger off the shelf, an idea formulated in my mind and I rushed to the piece to bring my vision to life.

Using a small brush, I dusted on Steel Magnolia over the filigree in sweeping motions. My goal was to simply highlight, not have full coverage. I let that dry for about an hour and went back, this time with Gold Digger in hand. Using the same brush technique as the Steel Magnolia, I stroked on the Gold Digger. Here's where it got interesting.

Using a damp rag, I gently wiped back the layer of Gold Digger in parts to reveal the underlying beauty that is Steel Magnolia. In person, what I got was a metal-esque look that made me squeal with delight!

Although it's hard to photograph, the arrows signify the parts where the Steel Magnolia shines through the top layer of Gold Digger.

In person, the light hits the metallics just right creating a sun-glistened, metal appearance that gives this piece just the shine she needed. Coup de grace!!

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