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How to Upcycle a Mirror Harp

So you have a vintage mirror harp laying around. It seems a shame to toss it. Why not upcycle it and turn it into a useful piece of DIY home decor?

In this blog I take you through the step-by-step process of how I repurposed this vintage mirror harp into a beautiful mantle shelf!

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Here's what we're working with: An old, oak mirror harp with good bones but broken filigree.

The first thing I did was remove all the broken applique pieces.

Once that was out of the way, I began the process of transformation.

I cleaned the harp with Dixie Belle's White Lightning, a TSP cleaner that is fabulous for removing old dirt and grime and deglossing the existing finish.

Next, I gave it a good sanding using 220 grit sandpaper. This step leveled out the raised areas where the old filigree was and gave my piece some "tooth" for the paint to grip onto.

With the not-so-fun stuff out of the way, I perused my WoodUbend stash and found some mouldings that would work for this piece.

WoodUbend Mouldings shown (from left to right):

📌 Applique Set #1723

📌 Applique #X1002

📌 Applique Set #1320

📌 Decorative Drops WUB1245

I laid the harp down on the floor and began to assemble the mouldings, trying different combinations until I found the layout I felt worked best for the piece.

Notice how the center piece doesn't fit. The great thing about WoodUbend Mouldings is that you can easily modify them by way of heating and cutting. Once I warmed up that center piece, I was able to remove the top portion with ease using a craft knife.

Here is the piece with all the WoodUbend Mouldings adhered! I also added 1/2" wood button plugs to the piece for added appeal.

Click here to view blog on How to Apply WoodUbend Mouldings

And now we are ready for paint! I had small amounts of Dixie Belle's new Silk paint in Oyster, Sand Castle and Wharf. Not one to waste, I mixed them up and came up with a greige hue slightly tinted with green. I then painted the base of the harp using the custom mix. I'm so in love!!

Next, using Silk Endless Shore, I went over the details using a Round Small Synthetic Brush by Dixie Belle.

Using the same brush, I dry brushed Endless Shore over the rest of the surface.

It was coming along but still needed something. I grabbed my Dixie Dirt in Earth off the shelf and got to work shading the details. Dirt is typically used with wax, but being the rule breaker I am, I used it by getting my brush slightly wet, dipping it into the Dirt, then brushing it into the details using a French Tip brush.

Using a clean, wet shop rag, I wiped away the excess Dirt so that the shading remains in the crevices of the details only.

Looks good! I took my piece outside and sprayed Satin Clear Coat over it. With the base complete, I moved on to creating the shelf.

I cut a piece of wood to fit the length of the mirror harp and sanded it using 220 grit sandpaper to smooth it out.

Once complete, I stained it using Dixie Belle's Voodoo Gel Stain in Tobacco Road and an applicator pad. Voodoo Gel Stain is a water based stain. So easy!

This shade was the perfect farmhouse hue to give my piece of wood that reclaimed farmhouse look I was going for.

I married the wood plank to the completed base and voila!

This shelf is the perfect addition to my spare room project. I mounted it to the wall behind the TV to frame it in!

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