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How to use Dixie Belle's New Silk Screen Stencils with Gilding Wax

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Christmas is in two days and yet feels like it came early with these fabulous new product releases by Dixie Belle! Fresh on the market is the new Belles and Whistles Silk Screen Stencils and reformulated Gilding Wax.

There are many uses for these amazing new products. Today I would like to demonstrate one way by showing you how I embellished a trinket box using the Mandala Silk Screen Stencil and Gold Gilding Wax. Watch the video to see how I transformed a basic box into a beautiful, boho-tastic statement piece!

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Silk Screen Stencils

Application Tips for Silk Screen Stencils:

• Each stencil package comes with three sheets of varying designs and an applicator tool. This tool is wonderful for spreading pastes and mousses.

• You can also use a foam brush which is recommended for mediums with thicker consistencies.

• The thicker the product you are using to apply the design, the more you have to work it into the stencil. The mesh is fabulous for blocking paint bleed-through and allows for finer details in the stencil design. This also means you need to be generous with your medium to penetrate the netting.

Care Tips for Silk Screen Stencils:

• Wash immediately after use. They are reusable, up to ten times, so long proper maintenance is exercised. Soap and water should be sufficient for water-based products. Mineral spirits will remove the oil-based gilding waxes.

• Keep on their backings when not in use. This helps to preserve the adhesive on the back of the stencils.

Where to order: Click here!

Gilding and Chameleon Wax

Some time ago, Dixie Belle pulled their original gilding waxes to reformulate them. Finally, the wait is over! Bigger and badder than before is the new line of Gilding and Chameleon Waxes! Available in a total of nine colors, these oil-based waxes are great for stencils, accenting details, highlighting filigree, polishing hardware, and more! They are super easy to use and a little goes a long way. The best part? They are self-sealing! Once cured they are permanent and durable.

Where to order: Click here!

Here's another glance at the beautiful box design I was able to create using these Dixie Belle products. Give them a try today!

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