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Meet the Dixie Belle Brand Ambassador Team!

Graphic Credit: CeCe Restyled

This blog is a personal recount of the recent Mystery Wheel Challenge I had the honor of doing with my Dixie Belle Brand Ambassador Team. Rather than focus on technique, I wanted to take the time to acknowledge this outstanding group of women that I am blessed to share a stage with.

On Thursday, April 23rd, 2020, the Brand Ambassadors came together to do our Mystery Wheel Challenge Live. We wanted to do something that would reach people in a fun, exciting, and even borderline insane way in an effort to, if even for a moment, take our viewers' minds off the current pandemic and into a place of community and entertainment. Mission accomplished!

As the person with the software needed to execute such a complex feat that is a Live with nine people, I elected to strictly host the event rather than try to paint and run the tech simultaneously. I am good, but not that good.

Going into it, I must confess I was a bit sad I wasn't going to be able to paint with my crew. After all, painting is my first love. However, as we were doing the Live and I was MC'ing, I realized I may have found another love, which is hosting the Live event! To my surprise and even delight, I found I had as much fun, if not more, as the host! This was only possible because of the light, jovial attitudes of my co-ambassadors. These women not only kept it fun but were relaxed to work with. It's not easy wrangling eight women! They certainly went gentle on me and even though I was not painting, made me feel I was still an intricate part of the team.

The rules of the challenge were simple:

1. We spun the wheel and picked colors enough for seven, five-minute turns.

2. We had to use the colors in order and only that color for five minute intervals.

3. We spun two wild cards, which meant we were able to pick any color off the shelf!

With that said, I did not want to miss an opportunity to be challenged as an artist. I asked the Team if I should do a Mystery Wheel Piece on my own, and of course they said YES! Feeling like I had the full support of my girls, I moved forward with my own version of the Mystery Wheel Challenge.

I started with a simple nightstand.


I grabbed my colors off the shelf and mentally prepared for the quest ahead to make such an eclectic variety of colors flow in harmony.

๐ŸŽจ The Mystery Wheel colors drawn were:

โœ”๏ธ Mud Puddle (x2)

โœ”๏ธ Plum Crazy

โœ”๏ธ Holy Guacamole (x2)

and also two Wild Cards were spun, to which I chose:

โœ”๏ธ Rebel Yell-ow

โœ”๏ธ Antebellum Blue (you can NEVER go wrong with this color)

Thank you for your support!

๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿฝโ€๐ŸŽจ This blog contains affiliate links. This means I get a monetary kickback when you purchase goods using my links. Simply put: I get paid while still providing free technique and product knowledge, and you get your Dixie Belle goodness delivered right to your door for the same price! Everyone wins! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ

Diving right in, I quickly let my brush lay the foundation of where I thought I might want my paint to lay.

As it stood in this moment, I remember staring at it perplexed and wondering how the heck I was going to pull this off. Now I knew how the other eight Brand Ambassadors felt during the Live!

Deciding to go with it, I continued using the base I had created and began adding layers, blending, distressing and aging the paint. Though I don't have another progress picture to show, I can say that once were layers were complete I found it was still needing something before I could love it. Enter cheetah print!

As you see it here, it is sitting on my spray block and getting its wash of top coat. I surprised even myself in this moment, as I had fallen in love with what I initially thought to be an ugly duckling. All I needed to do at this point was add her hardware and she was ready to be revealed!

What I love most about this piece is not only did it come out surprisingly gorgeous, but it also challenged me as an artist. It brought out a wild side in me that I haven't tapped into in while and I find myself wanting more. Additionally, as unorthodox as this color combination is, I have find myself wanting to revisit this finish on a future piece. I just need to find the right canvas!

The other Brand Ambassadors also rose to the occasion and presented Belles everywhere with stunning works of art no one thought could be possible. Every single woman put a piece of their personality into their pieces and the final results are amazing!

In alphabetical order, let's go through the ladies' pieces one by one. Click their names to follow them on Facebook!

Amy - Ajs Vintage Designs

Amy took me by surprise with her dripping lilacs. Under pressure I never would've thought to heighten the challenge with handpainted florals! So impressive and beautiful!

Brandy - Brushed by Brandy

Known as the Queen of Blending, Brandy does not disappoint with her take on these crazy colors! Adding an image transfer was pure genius and brings her piece to another level of gorgeousness!

CeCe - CeCe Restyled

CeCe is known for marrying colors that most would shy away from. She brought it with her rendition of the Mystery Challenge piece! Though it is less busy than her usual works, it still commands attention and exudes the type of beauty only CeCe can bring!

Crys'Dawna - Bella Renovare

Crys'Dawna spent most of her time being the much needed comedian of the bunch during the show. Between jokes and infectious laughter bouts, she crazily slapped on paint. To the unexperienced eye, the piece seemed hopeless. Artists knew better! True to form, her final reveal is super boholicious and a funtastically funky and fresh!

Leah - Leah Noell Design Co.

Oh, how I love block paint! Leah took the challenge head on and brings us a gorgeous contrasted piece with clever color placement and gold leafy eloquence. It definitely has a classy touch, just like the artist!

Meleah - Mustard Tree Market

As a person, Meleah has a free-spirited yet old worldly vibe that draws me in. Her energy translates directly into her art. Voila! A romantic yet grungy masterpiece! This is the kind of piece I would redecorate a room around!

Melissa - The Top Drawer RVA

During the Live, Melissa seemed so unsure of her piece. As the newest addition to the Brand Ambassador team, she sure pulled it off with a Mad Hatter design that is swoon-worthy! I mean, come on. How she made those colors come together so well is astonishing and impressive. I would have this in my home in a heartbeat!

Tracey - Tracey's Fancy

Last but certainly not least, we have Tracey's piece! Tracey brings the fancy with a stunning carousel horse. If you watched the Live, you would see the contrast between the before and after is mindblowing! Wonderful, whimsy work, Tracey! I am always in awe of your talent!

And that's it! Isn't the Brand Ambassador Team talented?

It was so fun we decided as a group to make it a monthly event. If you missed the first Live and want to catch the replay, click the video below. Stay tuned for round two! We have a quirky idea in mind that is sure to bring the entertainment to the next level!

Video not working? CLICK HERE to watch it on Youtube!

Thank you viewing this blog! If you learned from this post and would like to support Lotus Theory Designs, click here to order your Dixie Belle paints, WoodUBend, and select Prima products using my affiliate link. You won't pay more, products will be delivered to your door, and I will continue bringing you free tutorials (and these blogs without those annoying ads).

Thank you for your continued support! Until next time!


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