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Painting a Skyscape Scene on a Dresser

Turning a basic piece of furniture into an eye catching, scroll stopping, breathtaking work of art isn't as complicated as it may seem! With some paint and decorative embellishments, anyone can achieve this look!

I started with a basic dresser by Ethan Allen. Not always do I get pieces of furniture that are in such amazing shape. Word of advice: The less repairs needed, the more enjoyable the journey to transformation will be. Consider spending a few extra dollars on a piece that allows for more creativity versus elbow grease.

Even though it was in fantastic shape, I still followed proper prep procedures to ensure a lasting finish. Check out my YouTube on how to do this:


• SILK Paints (only available in Australia and New Zealand)

Easily substitute Dixie Belle's Classic Chalk Mineral line to achieve the same results!

You can use this technique with any color of your choosing. Don't be shy! Experiment and see what works best for you!


Prima Regal Filaments Mould

Alumilite Casting Resin

Titebond Quick & Thick Glue

No Pain Gel Stain Espresso

Applicator Pads

redesign with Prima "Blossom Flight" Transfer

Dixie Dirt Earth

The Belle Brush

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STEP 1: Adding Mouldings

Using ReDesign with Prima's Regal Filaments Mould, I started by creating gorgeous filigree for the sides of the dresser.

To fill the mould I used Alumilite Casting Resin. There are several options available for filling moulds, but I chose resin because I like the durability and non-shrinking formula.

Once my mouldings were dry, I attached them to the dresser using Titebond Quick & Thick glue. Note: I also used tiny finishing nails to reinforce the mouldings to the piece. Why? Because I like having peace of mind knowing those gorgeous details aren't going anywhere!

Notice how there's glue seeping out of the edges? No worries! Keep a clean wet rag by your side and wipe away the excess glue before it dries!

STEP 2: Apply a Base Coat

Dixie Belle Paint has a new paint line available in Australia and New Zealand. It's called Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint and is a wonderful alternative to their chalk based paint! Sidenote: SILK is scheduled to be available right here in the USA in 2021.

I am using Silk for this tutorial, but you can use every technique shown in this blog to their classic Chalk Mineral line.

I added a base coat to my piece: Two coats Hampton Olive on the bottom and two coats Salt Water on the top portion. Adding this base coat allows me to only blend the final coat, which will be the decorative finish.

I used my sprayer for this step but you can easily handpaint your coats and get the same results!

STEP 3: Blending the Skyscape

This is where the process started to feed my soul. Watch this three-minute video to see how I achieved the grunge blended, skyscape finish on the body of the dresser!

It's hard cram this much information into a quick video. If you want the watch the more detailed video that was recorded LIVE on YouTube, click here!

Here's a shot of our progress so far:

STEP 4: Staining The Top

I LOVE a stained top. You may have noticed in the pictures the top has been taped off. That's because during the prep process I sanded away the existing finish to prepare the top for a fresh coat of stain!

Isn't that wood grain beautiful? Let's bring it out with Dixie Belle's No Pain Gel Stain in Espresso!

Using Dixie Belle's Applicator Pads, I applied a coat of Espresso to the top of the piece. The trick to using gel stain is to work in small sections and wipe away the excess with the clean side of your applicator pad. You can also apply No Pain Gel Stain to an existing finish without sanding to raw wood! I chose to sand this top completely so I could buff out the dings and dents from years of wear. Now it looks brand new!

STEP 5: Applying the Transfer

After allowing my paint to fully dry, I began applying the transfer called Blossom Flight. I strategically only used about 40% of the transfer and applied it to the bottom corner of piece. I was going for a "less is more" look.

STEP 6: Applying Dixie Dirt

Dixie Belle's Dixie Dirt is meant to be used with their Best Dang Wax, but I pride myself in breaking the rules! Using a lightly dampened Belle Brush, I dipped it into the Dirt and stippled it into the details of the mouldings.

I then took my clean wet rag and wiped away the areas I didn't want the Dirt. It's a great alternative to glazing and the powder makes removing the Dirt easy where it isn't wanted!

NOTE: This technique of using Dixie Dirt is not meant to be brushed over with Top Coat. If you are going to try this be sure to use wax or spray your Top Coat! Otherwise you run the risk of pulling the Dirt out of the designated areas and into your finish!

STEP 7: Hardware

You may have noticed I skipped the step where I used Clear Coat to seal the piece. I do this outside with my sprayer. Top Coats and waxes are personal to the artist. Seal with whatever material your heart desires!

Once my piece was sealed I added hardware. I got these cute knobs from Hobby Lobby!

And now the full reveal!

Oh how I love when my vision is brought to life! It's always a wonderful feeling when my brain function marries decorative elements and comes together in beautiful harmony!

Thank you viewing this blog! If you've learned from this post and would like to support Lotus Theory Designs, click here to order your Dixie Belle paints, WoodUBend, and more using my affiliate link. You won't pay more, products will be delivered to your door, and I get to continue bringing you free tutorials (and these blogs without those annoying ads).

Thank you for your continued support! Until next time!


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