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"Style Swap!" with Bianca as Meleah from Mustard Tree Market

Considering the state of the world, May has been an exciting and fun-filled month. One of the highlights that has brought me lots of laughter and joy was the day the Dixie Belle Brand Ambassador Team did a special LIVE on Facebook (video below) swapping not only the look and personality of a teamie of our choosing, but also their paint style!

I chose to be Meleah of Mustard Tree Market. Ironically, she also chose to be me. I laugh as I think about that time I called her my spirit animal. Filling her shoes (and lashes) was not an easy feat! This woman has an incredible style of her own often imitated but never duplicated. The pressure was on, but I think I pulled it off.

This is the piece I chose to use for inspiration. Meleah has coined her particular style as romantic grunge. The dirtier, the more tattered, the more worn, the better!

This is what I came up with! Though the colors are not quite the same, I did employ her unique dry brushing technique to achieve her look, while still making it my own.

Supply List

Dixie Belle Paint colors:

✔️ Amethyst

✔️ Tea Rose

✔️ Holy Guacamole

✔️ Plum Crazy

✔️ Chocolate

✔️ Caviar

✔️ Gold Digger (Moonshine Metallic)

Other Materials:

✔️ White Lightening (cleaner)

✔️ Slick Stick ✔️ WoodUBend Moulding

Thank you for your support!

👩🏽‍🎨 This blog contains affiliate links. This means I get a monetary kickback when you purchase goods using my links. Simply put: I get paid while still providing free technique and product knowledge, and you get your Dixie Belle goodness delivered right to your door for the same price! Everyone wins! 🙌🏼

I started with a basic nightstand in need of some serious beautification.

My first step, after cleaning of course, was to add a broken WoodUBend Moulding I had laying around. WoodUBend Mouldings are flexible wood appliques that when heated can be conformed to your curvy surfaces! They are easy to repair if you accidentally break one, such is the case here. However, I chose to embrace its flawed nature to bring to life the worn look I was going for.

Next, I used Dixie Belle's Slick Stick to prepare the base. I did two coats. My reason for doing this is because the substrate was not solid wood and was slick and non-porous. I wanted to make sure my finish would last and not flake off over time. If you have read any of my blogs before or have watched my videos, you know how I feel about prep. It's a non-negotiable.

Last step before the finish! I sprayed two coats of Dixie Belle's Chocolate on the base to give myself a dark undercoat to work with. I knew I didn't want any white showing through my dry brushing. Adding this luscious base coat was just the trick to cover up the white but also give a wood toned appearance under my many layers of grunged up paint.

I worked on this as best I could LIVE with the other Brand Ambassadors. Truthfully, I didn't get very far because I was also running the technical aspect behind the scenes. However, once I was able to focus and get into my art zone, the beauty started to unfold and I couldn't be happier with the outcome!

Here's the tutorial by Meleah I used to create this look:

If you aren't following her on your social media, stop everything and do it now! She's a phenomenal artist that will give you enough eye candy to make your head spin!

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What do you think? I know for my first time trying this amazing technique I am quite pleased with the outcome. Meleah also approves, so my work here is done!

Thank you viewing this blog! If you learned from this post and would like to support Lotus Theory Designs, click here to order your Dixie Belle paints, WoodUBend, and select Prima products using my affiliate link. You won't pay more, products will be delivered to your door, and I will continue bringing you free tutorials (and these blogs without those annoying ads).

Thank you for your continued support! Until next time!


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Want to watch the Dixie Belle Brand Ambassadors in action? You won't learn anything but I promise, you will laugh! Truly this group of women is a silly bunch.

Video not working? CLICK HERE to watch it on YouTube!

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