Why Velvet Finishes?

Because every once in a while something really is too good and too true!

I have been a fan of Velvet Finishes for years. With so many options out there, it can be hard to make a decision about which brands to choose for your DIY needs! Here are a few of the reasons why I choose Velvet Finishes. 

Besides their vivid color palette and gorgeous finish, what I like most about this fabulous line of paint is that it's EASY TO USE! Self-leveling, it goes on like silk and dries like velvet. Easy to manipulate, it's quite forgiving and easily blended. Even cleanup is effortless!


Velvet Finishes has excellent adhesion properties that make the prep process minimal. Virtually odorless, it can be used indoors versus having to drag your piece outside. Brushstrokes are a thing of the past! It also sand easily, resulting in a smooth, glass-like finish. Oh la la!

To learn more, visit Velvet Finishes or post your questions below in the comments! Also welcomed are pictures of your pieces using VF and feedback!

Get the look: Alluring by Velvet Finishes

December 1, 2018

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Peoria, Arizona, United States